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The Summer Salmon Fishing Guide in Columbia River

The hottest season is known as summer and it happens after spring and before autumn. The season is characterized with long days and short nights. Fishing can be explained as the process of removing aquatic animals from the water bodies. The main water bodies where fishing is done are ponds, dams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Catching of fish is done by the use of hooks, baskets, nets, spears, baits and other fishing tools. The Columbia River from the Rocky Mountains is known all over the world for its huge number of the salmon. The following are the steps to follow in order to catch the biggest Salmons in Columbia River.

First, carry the suitable Salmon fishing gear with you. The equipment used in fishing is referred to as the fishing gear. The fishing gear consists of hooks, lines, baits, nets, baskets, spears and rods. In order to catch the Chinook salmon, a fisher should use the tougher baitcasting reels and rods while the small rods are suitable for the small types of salmon.

Second, you should know the type of salmon you want to catch. There are several types of salmon. They include the chinook salmon, pink salmon, silver salmon and many more. As a fisher you should know the color and the size properties of the type of salmon you want to catch. This will enable you to locate them in the Columbia River easily even when the water is not clear.

The next step to take is deciding on the best bait. A bait is an equipment that attracts the fish near to the fisher for easy catching. In order to catch different types of Salmon, you need different types of baits. The fish eggs and herring bait generally lure all the types of salmon. The best baits are the bright ones so that the salmon can easily see them.

Fourth, get the best hook. After identifying the qualities of the salmon you want to catch, you should find the suitable hook. The properties that one should consider is the weight and size of the salmon.

Fifth, get the best fishing line. In order to choose the best line, a fisher should be knowing the weight and mass of the salmon. The salmon which are far into the river should be caught using the bigger fishing rods. A fisher is supposed to use the shorter fishing lines for catching the salmon which live near the river banks.

The last step in catching salmon in the Columbia River is inserting the line and the hook in the waters and being patient for a salmon to be caught.

These are the steps to follow in order to have a good catch of salmon.

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